Welcome to the home of Edinburgh Gin…

Nestled beneath the stairs at 1a Rutland Place, you’ll find something of a hidden wonderland – the Edinburgh Gin Distillery. A curious playground for the palate, we invite you to disappear down the rabbit hole and indulge yourself in the majesty and mystery of the beautiful botanical libations we call gin.

Having gathered some of the most seductive and exquisite gins the world has ever seen, we’re proud to treasure them here in Edinburgh for your enjoyment. Come and join us…

About the Distillery

Two stills, curiously named Flora and Caledonia weave their magic. Caledonia is a tall, elegant column still. Flora is a rotund pot still. Both create wonderfully individual gins that taste as spectacular as the equipment used to create them.

Our method is perfectly simple and inspired – ‘begin at the beginning, go on until you come to the end: then stop!’ Finally comes the most enjoyable part, presenting the gin for your delectation.

The Visitors Centre

Whether an Edinburgh native or simply passing through, The Edinburgh Gin Distillery is the perfect place to sate a curious mind. Marvel in the wonderment at our two delightful stills – Flora and Caledonia – before allowing the innermost secrets of distilling to unfurl before your very eyes.

And no visit to the Distillery is complete without the opportunity to sample the nectar within. It’s all part of your education after all.


Introducing Heads & Tales Bar…

Overlooked by the splendour of Edinburgh’s iconic castle, you’ll find the Heads & Tales bar in the beating heart of the city. Nestling nicely beneath the Rutland Hotel, come and disappear down the rabbit hole.

With a splendid assortment of gins, wines, cocktails and other such creations, there really is no excuse to be late. The bar also serves a delectable selection of carefully sourced local morsels. And should your heart desire it, warm freshly prepared breads can also be ordered.

Heads and Tales Bar at The Edinburgh Gin Distillery

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